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Nov 27 2012, 04:33 PM
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So is EJ telling his sister he wishes she would've made a play for Rafe instead supposed to be the "menacing plot" he was trying to hatch? Oooohhh... super scary.
IDK, I think that is by far the worst idea EJ's ever had.
It is called desperation. Ej knows Sami isn't in love with him and that she still loves Rafe. He no doubt figured if he could take Rafe out of the equation, then maybe he would have a chance with Sami. Ej has always thought that which is why he always tries to eliminate Rafe. Get a clue,bud. The girl doesn't want you. The only way you can have her around is by manipulating the situation. Move on.
I do find it kind of hysterical that she freely would give herself to Lucas and Rafe over and over again before she does the same thing to Ej. Can't he SEE that. Does he need a microscope of something. He's so pathetic. I also would LOVE for them to touch on the fact that Sami had NO PROBLEM with concealing Ej's kid from him and this wasn't a ploy by Sami or anything, she even told Rafe what she was willing to do AFTER she found out the truth, so it wasn't just lip service on Sami's part. But when she thought that Rafe should know that his sister was pregnant, she immediately told him about it because he 'deserved to know'. Where was that 'deserve to know' concern for EJ? It wasn't anywhere.
I'm sure Sami will mention how willing she was to help Nicole when she blows up at EJ for his latest scheme. You know, just shortly before Safe reunite.
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