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ATL: Just when I thought NeNe was back in my good graces. The biggest problem I have with NeNe is the same problem I have with people I run into in my own daily life. The person that thinks it's okay for them to do something, but will then crucify someone else for doing the same exact thing. Was it nice what Phaedra said about not giving a fuck if Cynthia showed up to Ayden's party? No. I'm sure it hurt Cynthia's feelings hearing it because I do think Cynthia is a genuine person, and even though she and Phaedra might not be besties, Cynthia has attended all of Phaeda's events on the show, so it probably hurts. Back to NeNe though. Phaedra says what she says about Cynthia in what sounds like a personal conversation she's having with a friend off-camera. Whether NeNe got the voicemail or not, why did she feel the need to bring it to Cynthia? I think she enjoys watching other people go at it. Maybe she wants to give Cynthia something to do. Make her relevant on the show. That's fine. NeNe is Cynthia's friend and maybe I could understand her going to her with the recording. My problem is then NeNe calling Phaedra out and talking about her speaking foul behind Cynthia's back. NeNe does the same thing! But when NeNe does it, it's fine. "She said it and she'll say it again." I was really enjoying Season 5 NeNe until last night.

The rest of the episode wasn't really anything special. I'm over Kim's moving drama. Ayden's birthdays get more ridiculous each year. Seeing Dwight was a surprise. Looks like he got his face retouched. As much as I want to see a Kim and NeNe reunion, I would kill equally as much to see a sit down lunch/dinner/drinks between NeNe and Dwight. Make it happen soon! It doesn't seem like Porsha will become relevant to the show until next week when she starts interacting with more housewives. Kenya is still crazy.

Next week looks amazing! I can't wait to see all seven women sit down together. What starts out looking like fun, even NeNe and Kim apparently laughing and joking together, turns sour real fast. Looks like the ladies really lay it on Kim. All of them. Even Kandi. So much so that Kim quits the show!

BH: I'm glad Adrienne and Lisa finally had their sit down. Adrienne did owe Lisa an apology for the selling stories remark. Unless Adrienne was ready to come forward with more proof, she shouldn't have said what she said. And I don't think that was solely Adrienne either. Doesn't seem like Adrienne's style. And that was very evident on the Season 2 reunion when she approached Lisa about selling stories, only for Lisa to come back at her, denying it. Any other housewife would've kept going, but Adrienne, being Adrienne backed off quickly. Adrienne's very much like a man. She doesn't seem to do well with confrontation. Probably the result of growing up with all brothers. Camille admitted to having knowledge of Lisa supposedly selling stories. And I think Kyle and Taylor knew this was going to be brought up at the reunion as well. No one said anything though except Adrienne. And it all came on her.

Anyways, I'm glad Adrienne apologized so we can move on. I do think Lisa owed Adrienne an apology for the remarks she tends to make. Fortunately for Lisa, she can just play it as "British humor." Fuck British humor; you're a bitch!

I thought Brandi was sincere in her discussion with Kim. She knows she fucked up. It probably took Lisa to tell her though. And in Brandi's world, anything Lisa says is gospel. My problem with Brandi is the way she came onto the show. It's very obvious that Brandi was brought onto the show to keep Cedric relevant. Adrienne was her other connection, so she used that. Once it became obvious that Lisa had no interest in furthering the Cedric subject, that had to be dropped. With nothing else to remain relevant with (besides her feud with the Richards sisters), Brandi knew she better do something and fast, so she clung to Camille, and then Lisa. And once she got close to Lisa, Brandi did one of the worst things you could do IMO, and that's spill everything someone else said to your new friend. I don't doubt for one second that Adrienne talked shit on Lisa. The competitiveness between the two women was evident even back in Season 1 before anything foul was ever said by either one. I think for Brandi to take past conversations Adrienne may have had about Lisa with Brandi, and tell those conversations to Lisa is a terrible thing. The only reason to do something like that is to then turn Lisa against Adrienne. For whatever reason, I'm not sure we'll ever know.

Like ATL, the rest of the episode was kind of blah. I liked seeing Camille again. I still have no interest in Yolanda outside of her gorgeous home.
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