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I'm trying to watch today, but someone is talking to me like I'm not trying to watch.

I really liked the Brady/Marlena scenes. I really like how DH is playing this. I think she's doing what most of the other actors playing hero/heroines on this show have failed to do lately. She's not coming across one note at all. I still would pay to see her purposely spill her latte, though.

The Stefano/Kate stuff was fine. I'm so over Stefano, though. And I really don't buy his anger. I don't really buy anything he's done since 2007. And I'm pretty sure he's in Alamaina.

IMO, this version of Sami is by far the worst. I never agreed in 2009 that she had been Marlena-fied or whatever, but that's totally what they're doing with her here. Not only is it not in character, but it's probably what AS sucks at the most. I think Sami is completely sincere, but because it's Sami it comes across as fake. Meanwhile, I don't think Rafe has been the biggest hypocrite in this story by any stretch of the imagination. Don't get me wrong. He's been a hypocrite, but Sami is beating him on that scale by A LOT.

I just can't with Chad. And also it would have been nice if Freddie Smith would have woken up for his scenes today.

I'm not crazy about how John is acting. I can get over him being stupid, but I don't like the way he's going behind Marlena to apologize for her and basically patronizing her behind her back. I do like that they're letting both John and Marlena be pissed at each other, though, and I hope Marlena gets to be really pissed later.

Was EJ's new product lipstick?

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