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Nov 27 2012, 08:23 PM
Nov 27 2012, 08:15 PM
I'm trying to watch today, but someone is talking to me like I'm not trying to watch.

I really liked the Brady/Marlena scenes. I really like how DH is playing this. I think she's doing what most of the other actors playing hero/heroines on this show have failed to do lately. She's not coming across one note at all. I still would pay to see her purposely spill her latte, though.

The Stefano/Kate stuff was fine. I'm so over Stefano, though. And I really don't buy his anger. I don't really buy anything he's done since 2007. And I'm pretty sure he's in Alamaina.

IMO, this version of Sami is by far the worst. I never agreed in 2009 that she had been Marlena-fied or whatever, but that's totally what they're doing with her here. Not only is it not in character, but it's probably what AS sucks at the most. I think Sami is completely sincere, but because it's Sami it comes across as fake. Meanwhile, I don't think Rafe has been the biggest hypocrite in this story by any stretch of the imagination. Don't get me wrong. He's been a hypocrite, but Sami is beating him on that scale by A LOT.

I just can't with Chad. And also it would have been nice if Freddie Smith would have woken up for his scenes today.

I'm not crazy about how John is acting. I can get over him being stupid, but I don't like the way he's going behind Marlena to apologize for her and basically patronizing her behind her back. I do like that they're letting both John and Marlena be pissed at each other, though, and I hope Marlena gets to be really pissed later.

Was EJ's new product lipstick?

I do believe that the lipstick is the project. She said, to John, I think, that she had been working on this new lipstick that was smug free and did a whole bunch of other things but that she was handing it over to EJ and Sami. They are going to work on it together.

Honestly, at that point, Kristen reminded me of Ashley of Y & R with the make up talk..... B-)
I don't think EJ and Sami would be capable of doing anything smug free.
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