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Watching right now and resisting the urge to FF. I thought Carrie was in Switzerland and cafe had ended, but clearly I was wrong because she and they are alive and well on my screen being played by Sami and safe. I really hope tomorrow is a new day too, because I'm sick of Carmi's shirt.

On Nick - I know prison changes people, but I miss the dorky innocent goofball and can't stand the judgmental moody person he's become. How exactly does Nick think Gabi played him when she was going to end the pregnancy without him even knowing what went on?

Kate and Stefano looked like they were reading off of cue cards.

Did Marlena lure Kristen to the rectory so she could break into her suite? Is this opposite day and she's playing Sami? Who's playing Marlena in this scenario? Everything is upside down.

Wilson's constant Gabi discussion is dragging them down.
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