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I found all the 'freestyles' to be fitting to each of the finalists, however, Shawn/Derek had the best and IMO an actual freestyle.

Melissa/Tony and Kelly/Val were fantastic ... as regular dances.

I just don't know who will win. My gut now says Shawn. Going into it, I thought Melissa. However, a Kelly win would be a big surprise. So, I just don't know. My bet is on Shawn, though Melissa probably should win and I'd love her to.

I also want to give props to Joey Fatone. First he gave us a Star Wars dance and now a Back to the Future dance. Love it. He's awesome LOL.

How fitting was Pam's gyrating? LOL.

DanceCenter is hilarious as always. I like how the show doesn't take itself seriously, though at the same time, they do.

LOL @ Kelly and Val, stuck training in the parking lot while the others are inside.
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