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Nov 27 2012, 02:34 PM
Nov 27 2012, 11:40 AM
He doesn’t hesitate reminding her that she’s even worse than Nicole is. While the siblings bicker, EJ mocks Nic. Sensing he’s chasing after Sami again, she mocks him for that.

Holy cow! I might actually have to watch this! I hope that Eric reminds Sami that Nicole could have her baby and perfect family if Sami's slutty self wouldn't have cheated on her husband and fucked EJ when her kid was dead. Oh the satisfaction!
And LMAO that Sami is still being pulled by Rafe. And EJ wanted Kristen to distract Rafe. So so sad that EJ is once again setting himself up to be dumped AGAIN by Sami for Rafe. And all to work on lipstick! What happened to my powerful, cocky EJ?

And I only hope that Eric's nightmares are that he is undercover as a priest because otherwise, I hate the show for taking a priestly role and turning it into a weak storyline. No reason for Eric to come on as a priest.
Nicole needs to be away from Dannifer.
Love that Kristen is using Brady for sex! How does it feel, Brady!?! :)

I liked the Gabi/Will baby thing, but I am getting confused by too many players...between Gabi and Will and Sonny and Nick and Chad...too much going on and too many lies I can't keep track of. I can't remember whos the actual daddy!

And whyTF is Daniel mad at Jennifer? She didn't force him to do this! He made up his own damn mind! And Maggie pissy too? Not to defend St. Jenn, but I don't get why he has all of these women coddling him!!

Thanks for posting!
I agree with you on everything except Eric as a priest. I actually think that's sort of awesome. Because if he is a priest (and not just an undercover ISA agent), and has taken a vow of celibacy, it will be fun watching him struggle with his attraction to Nicole. It's so soapy, and it sounds promising if for no other reason than Ericole will be unable to jump into bed right away. They will have to wait and there will be angst and tension and longing and temptation and all sorts of fun things that soaps used to do all the time but have now apparently forgotten. I like that there's a very huge obstacle in their way that can't just be overcome.
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