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Nov 27 2012, 10:53 PM
Nov 27 2012, 09:47 PM
Nov 27 2012, 08:25 PM
Nov 27 2012, 07:49 PM
They should cast Jon Hensley as Justin. Didn't he and Judi have some chemistry when she was on ATWT? I didn't watch but I thought I heard good things.

Anyway ... Ned definitely belongs on the canvas. So does Skye. They add a lot. If anything I hope they pop in more often.

I do like how Anna is finally admitting something's off. I'm glad she's not really being dumbed down. I totally buy how accepting she was at first, her denial to admit anything could be wrong to now finally realizing something's off. Finola Hughes is doing great. I'm loving Anna and so happy she's been leading story for months now. Same for the sudden surge with Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson. I hope it keeps up.

When does Lucy appear? December something, right? I guess I'll go find the thread.
Heck, just bring Judi over as a love interest for someone there! LOL

I adore Wally as Justin but there's a certain vibe with Wally as Ned too. I think that GH would give Wally/Ned a much better storyline-- well A storyline--than what Days would. For the life of me, I just don't get Days NOT using Wally and Judi.....
ITA. I say bring them both to GH and give them contracts. The writing at GH is 10000 times better then the writing at Days and I have a feeling both actors would be appreciated and utilized and actually be given good material to work with, instead of being just used as props for other characters.

I've had three days of Ned and I want so much more. :wub: The material GH has given Wally in three days makes me want him to stay permanently at GH. There's just so many SLs they can do with Ned and Wally has just so much to offer.

I'd totally be in seventh heaven if GH snagged up both Wally and Judi. Please GH make it happen. :cheer:
Seeing Ned with Tracy and the Quatermaines brought back many memories. Wally is totally wasted on days ; I really want him to leave that train wrecked a soap and go back to GH! :rockon: ...
Same here. Wally belongs on GH. And I've been totally loving the Ned/Tracy scenes. :wub: I want more of those two scheming together. :cheer:
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