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The Scorpion
Nov 28 2012, 07:32 AM
Nov 28 2012, 06:35 AM
Sami needs to make it as clear as Daniel that she DOES NOT want a relationship with Ej, but I highly doubt that would stop a man so obsessed. I think Ej gets turned on by being turned down by Sami. You would think the man would get a clue!
Or the writers need a clue, they write for Ejami or not? I think Regardless teams viewers are fedup with this crap, and overall I think viewers are tired of agenda driving story that has one purpose only and that is to keep writers bias left on stage! I say again that the Days writers write a lot for completely uninteresting and dull characters and it's not very smart if they want to entertain an audience! They can write how much story they want but if the characters suck, it's fail and the story will never sell!
It's baffling that you have two actors who, based on episode count, appear to be the two leading men on the show, and their main story is pursuit of Sami. Rafe has the Gabi story, but that seems as much a vehicle to put him and Sami back in the same orbit after their "breakup" as anything else. EJ basically has no story outside of his love for Sami and wanting his family back together. You would think that one of them would be written as moving on.....both of them have plenty of reason to do so. The writers either have no imagination or they honestly think viewers want to see this never ending triangle from hell......either possibility is depressing.
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