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You said it! I still think EJ is settling for Sami because he thinks Nicole will never take him back. Only a matter of time before the longing stares begin... :$
EJ is 'settling' for a woman who he's fought tooth and nail to win - but hasn't quite yet managed to do it yet? EJ needs to work on his 'settling' skills. :laugh:
I can certainly understand that some would prefer to see EJ like Nicole instead of Sami, but The harsh reality is that during these six years that EJ has been on the show so it has plays undertones that Sami is the one and only when it comes to EJ's heart whether they are in war or Not! Either way, it's crap writing right now with Sami / EJ / Rafe and I can not see that viewers will find this triangle from hell especially interesting! My bias is definitely EJ so I'd like to see him move on to something more exciting! Although I still think EJami is the hottest couple with the best chemistry, it's not entertaining with this threesome! :)
And I can certainly understand why some people love EJ loving Sami no matter what, but storylines have been known to come to an end. Remember when Sami was madly in love with Austin? What happened to that storyline? It came to an end. Remember when Stefano was madly in love with Marlena and Marlena was madly in love with Roman? What happened to those storylines? They came to an end. So why is it that this particular storyline is never to be touched or changed? We didn't see EJ think of Sami for a good long time with Taylor and then Nicole and in both cases at least he was with women who truly loved and wanted to be with him. So just because EJ has been written to love Sami no matter how many times she rejects that love doesn't mean he can't be written to love someone else. Sami moved on from Austin, Stefano moved on from Marlena and Marlene moved on from Roman and there's certainly no reason why EJ can't move on from Sami. :shrug:
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