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I loved Marlena's 'Oh shit, you too' expression when Brady told her he believed Kristen isn't a threat anymore. I think the story is fun and am enjoying Marlena on the warpath approach. Kristen could barely contain her glee that she had snared John. Yep, buddy. She's the same Kristen you first knew! ;) Ba, ha!

I liked Rafe's tenderness with his sister when he thought she had gone through with the abortion he highly opposed. There is something heartwarming to me about the protective big brother/lil sis relationship being shown. His frustration, anger and affection were all well displayed.

Sami sticking up for Will was a nice way to show, for a change, that she can be a loving/protective and involved mom. Her concern for Gabi didn't feel false to me. Her history of being a knocked up confused teenager impulsively acting allows her to have some perspective here. I do like how they had her big mouth involve all the players. That seemed very much in character to Sami. Her final scenes with Rafe were sweet. They do have a history of standing by each others side and being loving toward one another. I think Sami can show warmth and still have a schemer side within her.

I'm really interested to see what has brought about this change in Nick. Why is he suddenly so judgmental and controlling? Gabi is young, insecure and searching for love and acceptance so I can see her being weakly swept up by this more domineering guy and letting him influence her. Their dynamic has me engaged, I just want to know more. I liked Nick jumping to the conclusion that Chad was the father and am looking forward to the continuation of those scenes.

I'm ready for Stefano to start acting like Stefano again and please start Kate's 'big' story. Kristen shouldn't be having all the fun in Salem.
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