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Since this crapatastic Gabi babymess is going on anyway, I hope that they have the good sense to have Will talk to somebody about it...Like Lucas or Eric or better yet- Sonny. And Sonny could have his own issues with being angry/hurt by Will and talk to Justin or Adrienne. Why are ONLY Sami & Rafe involved? And why isn't Will freakign the fuck out right about now? CM won and Emmy for not being able to handle coming out, no? How is he so cool with keeping his child a secret? I guess it's too soon... I think what hurts this s/l most is that CB is boooring. And she's dragging BB down with her. I was never a big Nick fan, but like ALL forced pairings on this show, they have dumbed him down substantially from the character he was. Abd Chad is just this dead appendage hanging around the show for no good reason.
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