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Sammie Jo
Nov 26 2012, 05:29 PM
Nov 25 2012, 03:23 PM
It was not self defense. She did not need to bash Diane's head in with a rock about a dozen times to defend herself. How deadly was Diane after she dropped the syringe? And you forget Nikki came up to Diane and attacked her! Her drunken ass shouldn't have been at that bridge in the 1st place! She was supposed to be at rehab.
did you even watch the video? how deadly was diane? did you see where dianne had nikki down on the ground and was choking her?
Whether or not Nikki should have been at rehab has no bearing on the fact that dianne was trying to kill her.
Nikki started the fight! She was a willing participant in the fight and knowing she started with Diane first they would've at least taken the case to trial. And Nikki kept hitting Diane long after she was dead, that's not self defense.
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