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Way too much tan in these spoilers.

Best thing this show could do for itself: lose Dan and lose Rafe.

I suppose I could be accused of having an agenda since I love JnJ, but I really do believe that losing those two characters would be a very good thing for this show. They are boring. They are overly propped. They get far too much air time when they are as boring and vacant as they are. I don't care if they're good looking. This show's full of good looking, but good looking doesn't override the boring. Also, I think the attempts to sell these two have done bad things to other characters. I think being paired with these guys sucks the soul out of a character. Sami has become a lousy character, really quite boring and missing what made her Sami, as she's been heroine-ized for Rafe. And Jennifer. . . I just can't even believe what's been done to her. She was once a character who pulled off the somewhat amazing feat of being so very good and so very near flawless, and yet not annoying and not boring, at least to me. And now . . . she is Shallowville Central and so very not perfect yet still trying to be sold as perfect. Yikes. Dan didn't do Chloe any favors either. The show should have made Chloe and Philip the rooting pair, because Dan and Chloe were nothing special, and Philip tying himself in knots over some stupid teenager who acted like a five-year-old (aka Melanie) was just dreadful. And since she became a glorified egg donor, Maggie's been nauseating.

I guess Rafe hasn't really had the chance to be paired with anyone but Sami, but despite my moment of liking him for being the only one with a heart toward Nicole, I don't think the guy's got much chance of not being a bore.

Dan . . . well, maybe if they just embraced it and played him as the town player/sleaze . . . but honestly, the very sight of the Dan character just bugs me at this point with all the promoting and attempts to sell the guy.

Yeah, Days, just try losing these two guys and see if it helps. Really.
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