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Nov 28 2012, 04:39 PM
Nov 28 2012, 04:28 PM
camera shy
Nov 28 2012, 04:15 PM
Funny, but I don't recall one scene this time around when EJ was anxious to divorce Nicole.
It's just more of this show trying to erase history so TPTB can sell the current crap that's airing on our screens. I remember Ej being pretty devastated when Nicole told him their marriage was over. He definitely was not eager for their marriage to end and was still begging Nicole this summer to take him back many months after Nicole learned about his ONS with Sami.

I get this show wants to sell Eric as Nicole's one and only true love, but the fact that they feel the need to continue to destroy Ejole really turns me off not only from this show but from giving Ericole a fair chance. If Days wants me to support what they are currently trying to sell they need to give some respect or at least some acknowledgement toward's a couple's history when ending them instead of destroying everything good about that couple so that their current obsession won't have any competition.
What part of the history are they supposed to pay homage to? The part where Nicole lied about two pregnancies? The part where EJ put a tracking bracelet on her? The part where she blackmailed him with evidence about Rafe2 in order to get access to the kids? The part where he slept with her worst enemy? The part where he threatened her and tried to choke her?

I loved a lot of things about EJ and Nicole at various times, but their history is far from some perfect love affair that should be given proper respect by the show. This current version ended very similarly to the way the last version ended -- with a lie about a baby and badly. Plus, there were a bazillion scenes paying homage to the end. EJ begged and pleaded with Nicole to forgive him and we saw Nicole very heartbroken and torn for quite a while -- even after she started the lie.

Having Nicole indicate that EJ is eager to be divorced is not acting like EJ and Nicole never loved each other. It's been months since EJ begged for anything from Nicole and it's clear that both EJ and Nicole have moved on in their lives. That's not destroying their history, it's being true to it since it's exactly what they did before.
To me the fact that they refuse to acknowledge that Ejole even loved each other equates at least for me Ejole being destroyed or thrown under the bus for TomSell's latest obsession. And for the record I wasn't asking for a homage just a simple acknowledgement. I'm pretty easy to please. We will just have to agree to disagree.
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