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Nick is all over the place. First he's hurling wild accusations without knowing the whole story, assuming the worst about the girl he's already proclaimed his undying love for, and now that he realizes he had the wrong idea he's trying to tell everyone what to do in this situation. I wish they'd flesh out exactly what kind of person Nick's supposed to be now, post-prison. And Chad - please, just shut up. Nick's problems with Gabi have fuck all to do with you and are most assuredly none of your concern. (Though Chad's brother is E.J., the king of failing to take responsibility for his own actions, so it comes as no surprise that he's taking a page out of big brother's book and still blaming Gabi for Melanie's exit rather than his own decision to keep the truth from her and be an overbearing douche.) I don't actively dislike Chad like I used to, and his scene with Sonny actually allowed me to feel some empathy for him. He was right when he told Sonny he has no idea what Gabi is capable of, but he's largely responsible for the fact that Gabi has yet to be punished for her actions. They need to give him something to do with himself other than walking around with a chip on his shoulder. I'd be down for a juicy plot against Gabi involving a mentoring Kristen and possibly E.J., but now that she's pregnant that shit could get really ugly and unpalatable to this viewer fast...especially in the wake of all the recent ghastly BS with Nicole.
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