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Don't want to get too deep into the abortion debate on a soap forum, but I do need to say that Gabi stating that her decision not to abort was because she realized how selfish it would be really rubbed me the wrong way. Whatever one thinks of abortion, the reasons she laid out for having the abortion when she had that first conversation with Will were anything but selfish. It is NOT selfish to want to have a child under optimal economic and emotional circumstances, once you've completed your education (Gabi and Will are both in college, as she noted), have gotten yourself into a job or a position that you're satisfied with and that can provide for you and give your child the best life possible (neither she nor Will have this), and to want to be in a stable relationship with someone you love. Of course they both have supportive families who'd want to help out and provide support, but it is not the responsibility of Rafe or Sami or Lucas or Marlena or whomever to be the primary caregivers of that child if Will and Gabi decide to raise him/her, either alone or together. I get that with Will's gay storyline the show may not want to push the envelope even further by having an abortion storyline, but that line by Gabi rang false to me. She may not have been able to do it for a host of legitimate emotional and other reasons, and I'm not advocating that she should or should not have one by any means. I just don't think the reasons she originally laid out came from a selfish place and the line didn't send the best message to me.

So uh, that's that.
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