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i can speak for myself, thank you.
Would Hope pass up an opportunity to spend the holidays with her husband, of course not. At the same time, the Horton Ornament Hanging is a very special tradition, and Bo would understand them waiting until after to go see him.

All of this conversation aside, where on earth is Bo supposed to be if not in Salem? According to the day ahead for Thursday's episode, Bo is back in Salem. if he & Caroline hadn't returned from LA, i would understand where he is. But he's supposedly in Salem. Why would he be leaving again when he knows Christmas is less than a month away?
Not sure what your problem with me is Supergirl but I'm not "speaking for you" and never intended to "speak for you". I disagreed with what you said and said so clearly.
i have no problems with you. you said that you though that you were arguing "what a fan watching wants vs what the character herself would want". I was simply trying to say that i didn't need someone interpreting what i said as being what i personally wanted to see.
I guess the comment of your first post on the subject that Hope would never miss the ceremony "just to be with Bo" is what stuck with me. I can't imagine a wife would willingly miss out on time with her husband (who's off in California somewhere last I remember) just to hang a few balls on a tree. I guess I (and the poster who made the comment that I responded to) assumed that what you were really bothered by was that your favourite character is not participating in the traditional ceremony. But, whatever then - I don't agree with your comment. I don't agree that Hope would act that way - I think if she had flights scheduled or whatever to go see Bo and that would mean her missing the ceremony, she would willingly and happily do so.

This conversation started before the day ahead was posted. I don't know if Bo is in Salem or where he is. No one did at the time this conversation started.

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