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This show makes me want to punch it in the throat some times.

he says there is something else you have to do to improve the quality of your life
you have to make things right with Daniel Jonas

"The poor man only wanted to get his dick a little wet, and you went ahead and developed hopeless, desperate feelings for him and let him lead you on. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You owe him a serious apology. In fact, you owe everyone in Salem an apology. Here people are, trying to live their own lives, and you have to go and lose your baby and make people feel a tiny bit sorry for you. Don't you feel like such a total bitch, making people feel bad like that? And really, getting pregnant in the first place with EJ's baby, and getting Rafe all hot and excited thinking EJ had another baby on the way for him to pretend to be the father to? Now the baby is gone, and he only has two of EJ's children to parent. You owe him an apology too. Let's see... you owe Hope and all the rest of the Hortons apologies for the half a second they worried about Jen while she was in prison. I mean, sure... they all assumed that you threw yourself down the stairs on purpose just so you could kill your baby and pin it on Jen, like the worthless, lying, hateful scum you are. If I were you, I might just take an ad out in the Salem Spectator with a big picture of yourself that says "I am Nicole Walker and I acknowledge that I am the worst human being in the world. See me at The Horton Square, where I will allow you to spit on me and apologize to you for existing in the first place."

This is tiring. Caroline and Roman randomly sitting in the pub talking about what a horrible person she is? I know this is supposed to be building angst or something, but gah give it a rest already. Over it. Nicole needs to have a drink and punch a bitch soon.
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