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Nov 28 2012, 08:58 PM
Bugs the fucking shit our of me that Jennifer made the arrangements & appointment for Daniel to see the hand tremor specialist, but she shit on Jack and told him to go fix (fuck) himself. Sorry, but I just can't get over that.
Please put an end to this Jennifer, she is killing DAYS, day by day, she gets worse and worse. I don't understand this character anymore, I really have no idea what Jennifer stands for, other than pimping Dr. Wonderful the Great
Yeah, that's pretty sickening. She's practically holding Dr. Sleaze's hand every step of the way as he undergoes those oh-so-traumatic injections, but she never did a lick of research on PTSD or attended a single one of Jack's therapy sessions or even picked him up from one, afterwards. She was cold, cold, cold to him when he needed her love and support the most. Even if she wasn't ready to be his wife again, she could have at least been a friend and co-parent and she wasn't even willing to do that much. At this point, I want a space station to fall on Jen-Jen and crush her to a bloody pulp.
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