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Nov 28 2012, 08:29 PM
He wasn't with Sonny when he boinked Gabi, the reason he ran and sought comfort with Gabi was because he thought Sonny didn't want him

I don't think Will slept with Gabi because Sonny didn't want him. Didn't Sonny kiss him and Will told him that they were just friends? I don't remember if that was before T was rude to Will or afterwards, but I think that played a part in Will going to Gabi for comfort. Will should be honest with Sonny. Even though they were not a couple when it happened, they are one now. This pregnancy affects him too.
Whatever the case may be, it seems to me that Will has tried very hard to be honest with everyone here. He handled Gabi's news with great maturity and thoughtfulness from the beginning, and he certainly would have told Rafe and Sami the truth had they let him get a word in edgewise.

And I don't think he's even thinking of keeping this from Sonny yet. He just agreed to give Gabi a day to think and process. While it's very clear to me as an audience member that Nick is going to push to be the official father and try and push Will aside, I don't think Will sees that as the long term plan yet. I think he thinks he'll talk to Sonny about this in a couple days when everyone has cooled down. It'll be interesting to see just how Nick, who is striking me as a master manipulator, accomplishes convincing Will to let him be the official father, given that Will clearly has an emotional investment in doing the right thing here. Maybe Will will just be worn down and tell himself it's best for everyone. I'm even seeing Will's touchy behavior with Gabi as being far more about the baby than her. I think he's got a caring for his kid impulse that's going to prevent him from letting Nick raise his baby.

I love Blake Berris, but I'm disturbed at the dark, controlling elements of Nick's character. BB is giving an outstanding performance, including Nick's turning on a dime when he figured out Chad wasn't the baby daddy (which was loopy writing imo). But I do think Nick is going to end up the villain, and he's controlling Gabi in a way that I think is supposed to look unhealthy. I miss sweet, old school Nick, but maybe the character can be redeemed. Stranger things have happened.
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