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Nov 28 2012, 08:29 PM
He wasn't with Sonny when he boinked Gabi, the reason he ran and sought comfort with Gabi was because he thought Sonny didn't want him

I don't think Will slept with Gabi because Sonny didn't want him. Didn't Sonny kiss him and Will told him that they were just friends? I don't remember if that was before T was rude to Will or afterwards, but I think that played a part in Will going to Gabi for comfort. Will should be honest with Sonny. Even though they were not a couple when it happened, they are one now. This pregnancy affects him too.
The sequence of events was:

- T returned to town and said some nasty things to Will about Will's sexuality, with one of the highlights being that T believed that Sonny had "turned" Will gay.

- Right after that encounter with T, Sonny found Will and impulsively kissed him (since he had been worried about Will's safety after the explosion); Will freaked out, and Sonny criticized Will for not being comfortable in his own skin.

- Will talked to Marlena about everything that had happened.

- Will went to Common Grounds to apologize to Sonny, but he misinterpreted a seemingly intimate moment between Sonny and Brian, and left without saying anything to Sonny, assuming that he had blown his chance.

- Will ran into T again, but they didn't have much of a conversation that time.

- Lucas found Will and chastised him for not being there for Jennifer (who had just lost Jack). Lucas said that he was disappointed in Will, and he urged Will to "be a man". Will took these statements as slams against his sexuality, partially because of all of the other devastating arguments that he had had in a short span of time.

- Will ran into Gabi, who had just had an argument with Chad and was talking about how she wished that she could go back to that time in her life when she and Will were still together. With all of those previous arguments (and Sonny and Brian's close encounter) still rattling around in Will's head, he slept with Gabi in a desperate attempt to try to be the straight man whom he believed that everyone else (including Gabi) wanted him to be.

So, yes, Sonny did play a role in Will and Gabi's one night stand, but he wasn't the only factor. Will even later alludes to this fact when he apologizes to Sonny (after T reveals that Sonny is interested in Will); he tells Sonny that he had misread the situation between Sonny and Brian that night, and adds something like, "And that's when I really messed things up" (with an accompanying flashback of his one night stand with Gabi).
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