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Nov 28 2012, 06:41 PM
Jennifer is still wearing the same dress whe was wearing at the book club meeting.
What day is it in Salem? Cause it is lasting an awfully long time...
Dan and his need to shower, the second time in less than a Salem week, lol!!! Remember the shower he had to take, before seeing Jen in her office. LMFAO at all this Dannifer shit. It has gone from bad to worse to painful to agonzing... help... I am running out of words to describe this fuckery of a SL.
Just let the fuckmypatients doctor have shaky hands for the rest of his life because I really don't care and it seems like TPTB are finally going to grant me a wish.... the first one in a long line of wishes.. So I just wanted to say thanks!
Are you kidding? The book club was last Wednesday. There was no show Thursday or Friday. So it's been four days. We were having month long Salem days not that long ago.
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