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I don't dislike the turn the John/Marlena/Kristen/Brady story has taken as much as I thought it would. HOWEVER, I really could have done without Brady talking to Marlena like he's her father. I don't mind him being mad. I did mind his tone and even the wording itself. But let's be honest. Brady wasn't even necessary as long as Marlena and Kristen were there making awesome faces at each other.

I don't like Nick. I think this story is pretty good. I wish I liked the characters better. I liked BB and Nick when he was in prison. I think it would have been better for the character if they didn't have him being borderline psychopathic about everything. I think BB would have done well with playing a truly "changed" and good Nick whose past kept coming back to haunt him.

The EJ/Rafe/Sami stuff was all terrible. James and Galen were both terrible in the first scene, and I'm pretty sure GG was doing a Marx brothers impersonation at one point.

Did anyone else detect COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE chemistry with GV and Drake?
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