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Nov 28 2012, 11:13 PM
Nov 28 2012, 11:09 PM
Daniel doesn't like the idea of someone trying to fix him...
Oh, of course not... that's his job.

But what the hell is wrong with this guy, is he bipolar? I'm watching (on and off mind you, due to exam season)... but last time I watched the two were all gaga for each other. Now he wants nothing to do with her? WTF?
Daniel is miffed that he declared his feelings for Jennifer and she didn't reciprocate. Thinking he was about to get lucky, he went home and took a shower and everything after she said she wanted to speak with him in her office. He told Maggie later that instead of telling him she loved him, Jennifer offered the information on the clinical trials.

So this is all about his ego. The man is incredibly selfish, self-absorbed and all about himself. What these two women see in him is beyond me.

Meanwhile, why in the heck did he decide to go to the Horton cabin? And how did he get access to it? Did Hope or Maggie give him a key or something? Does being Eggbaby mean he's close enough to being a Horton that he's entitled? Sorry, but it rankles that he can just waltz in there. I was more accepting of Kristen supposedly having a key from Alice that still fits after fifteen or so years than I am of this, and I thought that was a stretch.

Knowing how exalted he is in the town of Salem, Daniel was probably given some master key to all doors and locks that allows him to come and go anywhere any time he pleases. Or maybe he's so saintly and perfect that he can just walk through walls or something.

Did I happen to mention that I don't care for this chracter? lol.

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