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Kate is a great character anyway, but I just wish with everything that DAYS could do a good damn business story. That would put Kate over the top as one of the absolute best. When a business story clicks it can light a soap on fire. Y&Rs best rivalries start with business. B&B is a show mostly based on huge companies clashing. GH has ELQ and every time that pops up the storylines are wildly popular. DAYS just throws out these company names but we never see huge boardroom wars and we only hear that someone one-upped someone else.

MarDar really scarred me for life because I thought we were getting Sarah Joy Brown vs. Lauren Koslow in a business storyline. That could have been EPIC. But nah, it was all about Sami and those two characters never really got to go at it like they should have. We weren't invested in any businesses. I don't get why its so hard for DAYS. We have Titan, Countess W, Basic Black, DiMera Enterprises. Who knows what any of these companies actually do, but I would like to see a business war with smart characters. Too bad this show is not capable of that.

Anyway, thrilled to see that Lauren Koslow will be back in action, but February?! Damn, this show is ridiculous. I'm not sure what she means by we will be shocked because that is reallllly hard to do and rarely happens when we are told we're going to get shocked. Also not sure who she will be working with that's surprising. Still looking forward to Nancy vs. Kate. Kate vs. Chloe never really did much for me because even though Kate went overboard trying to kill Chloe, I never felt like Chloe was sympathetic. Kate always ends up looking like the bad guy even though a lot of the times she's the character who I think is in the right. Mostly against Chloe, Sami, Daniel, Lucas..
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