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Daniel decides to go to the Horton cabin to get some time to himself to regroup. When Nicole finds out, she goes to check on him. Says Christian, "It's a dynamic that the two share. They have each other's back."

In other words, he runs away from his problems. But since it's Daniel, his constantly running away is perfectly acceptable. They have each other's back? When has Daniel ever had Nicole's back? Was it when he used her for sex? Or when Jennifer was jumping down her throat at every given chance? Or maybe when he threw her under the bus in front of everyone in the Horton living room? Had her back? No, he had her backside. Because that's all he ever wanted.

And the how the hell do you suddenly collapse in pain from appendicitis? Do these dumbasses even do any research on medical conditions? If she had appendicitis, she wouldn't be on her feet in the first place.
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