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Nov 28 2012, 10:16 PM
Nov 28 2012, 09:49 PM
But Will isn't intending not to tell Sonny. He's simply granting a favor that he thinks is for Gabi to give her a little time. He's already seen Gabi be pushed and pulled and "loved" by Nick, Sami and Rafe. It seems to be reasonable that he wait before adding Sonny to the whirlwind, though in truth Sonny would probably be more gracious and less of a control freak than Nick, Sami and Rafe. I'm not saying Will is making the right decision, but I don't see it as some sort of homophobic plot on the part of the writers to diminish Wilson. Will is making a bad decision with good motives. My guess is Nick is going to use the idea of not ruining his relationship with Sonny as a way to manipulate an emotionally exhausted Will, and to me that's very soapy.
I think you're deadly precise and astute with Sonny being gracious, Will making bad decisions with good motives and Nick manipulating Will. However, despite the subject matter, Will telling Sonny the truth has nothing to do with Gabi. Instead, it has everythnig to do with Will and Sonny and their relationship. Gabi's decision (that is technically Nick's decision) about keeping the paternity a secret is a nonsensical and selfish one. It's also exceptionally stupid and reflects badly on all three charactes, especially Will. Then again, Will has a history of being reluctant to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. I guess he needs to be burned one more time before he finally learns that lesson.
Actually, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. At this point, nobody should know about the baby or its paternity except Gabi and Will and after she decided not to have the abortion, they should have had the opportunity to sit down together and discuss options like how they were going to raise it or whether under the circumstances adoption is the right choice. Then, they should have decided together who they should confide in first. It may have been their respective significant others (and I do think Will could use his boyfriend's support here), it may have been someone like Marlena. They were robbed of this by Sami's interference and wrong assumptions, Taliban Rafe using his police badge to force his way into an abortion clinic (which in most clinics would have had him shot by their well-armed security) and now Nick's control-freakishness. Plus, when to tell people you're pregnant is a tough decision, and most people wait until after the third trimester (Gabi's about there, but still).

I agree that Will needs to tell Sonny, but he's an awful situation, and you're right, he's a character who has a history of being passive and being easily manipulated (his mother and EJ spring to mind). But I just don't see Will doing anything wrong here except trying to make things a little easier for Gabi for a few days. His mistake here, I think, is not telling Nick he needs to talk to Gabi alone so they can discuss what they are going to do about their baby. It actually doesn't have too much to do with Sonny at this point. Neither does it have to do with Nick, Rafe or Sami, either until Will and Gabi have made their decisions. Once Will and Gabi have made some decisions, then absolutely, Will needs to sit down with the man he loves and tell them what their plan is. If and when Will actually decides to hide the truth long-term, well that will be a huge mistake.
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