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I don't think any of the characters are being ruined. Well, Nick might be but I'm pretty sure he was destined for this when they brought him back. Will and Gabi are young adults in a difficult situation making bad (or at least not good) decisions. That's not ruining the characters, that's both consistent with their past (both have made bad choices in the past) and consistent with being young adults facing a difficult situation. Will isn't making this decision because he's an asshole who doesn't care, he'd doing because he believes it's the best thing for everybody, including the baby. He might be wrong, but his motivations aren't.

I love all of this because it's the very definition of good, soapy drama. I'm not sure anybody is 100% wrong in this scenario. A lot of people are trying to do the right thing, but going about it in the wrong way. That leaves so much good stuff when the truth finally comes out. There would be no entertainment if everybody did the exact right thing for the exact right reasons.
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