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Nov 28 2012, 10:10 PM
This week's SOD has an article about Marlena catching Kristen and Brady having sex.

Brady admits to Kristen that he heard her confession to Father Tobias. Kristen wants to play it down because she is embarrassed. Brady pushes Kristen to admit her attraction, but Kristen tells him to leave. When he refuses, Kristen starts to slap him, but the two end up in a heated kiss. They have sex. Eric Martsolf jokes, "I've lovingly titled this whole thing 50 Shades of Wrong." He goes on to say that there are many moral implications and dozens of things that are wrong with this kind of relationship, but he believes it makes for a good soap and gives Brady some good conflict. Martsolf says, "We know that everyone in Salem will be up in arms if this relationship manifests into anything serious. I can't name one person who would be okay with it, from Sami to Marlena; everybody is skeptical of Kristen."

Kristen and Brady wake up mortified the next morning. They decide not to let it happen again but quickly discover they can't resist their attraction.

Martsolf points out, "When it comes to Kristen, Brady really doesn't understand who he's dealing with. This is a ticking time bomb between them that is very risky for Brady."

Meanwhile, the tension is building between Marlena and John. Marlena tries to confess to breaking into Kristen's room, but John believes they shouldn't discuss Kristen. As he leaves, he drops some lipstick, and Marlena is sure it must belong to Kristen.

Marlena runs into Billie at the hotel, and Billie tells her she saw John going into Kristen's room. From outside, Marlena overhears "passionate lovemaking." She opens the door quietly and sees Brady with Kristen...

For details, pick up the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest!
Hell yes, now we're talking! I love this! :)
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