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Nov 29 2012, 10:56 AM
Nov 29 2012, 10:14 AM
I don't think any of the characters are being ruined. Well, Nick might be but I'm pretty sure he was destined for this when they brought him back. Will and Gabi are young adults in a difficult situation making bad (or at least not good) decisions. That's not ruining the characters, that's both consistent with their past (both have made bad choices in the past) and consistent with being young adults facing a difficult situation. Will isn't making this decision because he's an asshole who doesn't care, he'd doing because he believes it's the best thing for everybody, including the baby. He might be wrong, but his motivations aren't.

I love all of this because it's the very definition of good, soapy drama. I'm not sure anybody is 100% wrong in this scenario. A lot of people are trying to do the right thing, but going about it in the wrong way. That leaves so much good stuff when the truth finally comes out. There would be no entertainment if everybody did the exact right thing for the exact right reasons.
I agree. I think both Will and Gabi are looking vulnerable in this situation but it doesn't necessarily make them the villains here. They honestly think this is the best thing for the baby. But that doesn't mean it's going to last. I see this being one huge life lesson for Will in the long run that will most likely lead to him being the most amazing dad in the world. You never know. He'll probably take this time to reflect on things and realize that he hates the idea of Nick or anyone raising his child. Maybe he'll even realize how lucky he was as a child to have a father who wanted him from the very beginning. I can see this turning into quite an endearing story. Maybe I am giving the writers too much credit here but they do seem to do some things well on rare occasions and this story is one of them so far. Sure some characters are being sacrificed, mainly Nick. But I still see the guilt eating at Will the longer the charade goes on and Will deciding that he wants to be a father afterall and to hell with anyone who stands in his way. He's giving up for now because he's weak and he feels cornered possibly. But that isn't to say that he won't step up when the time is right and take responsibility for everything.
I 100% agree. I said this in another thread, but Will and Gabi were robbed of a chance to sit down and decide how they were going to proceed once she decided not to have an abortion. They should have been able to discuss their options, decide who to confide in and how they were going to tell their respective partners. Sami, Rafe and Nick all have stuck their noses into a situation that isn't yet their business. It should have been Gabi and Will's choice who they were going to tell about the baby and when, and usually people don't announce a pregnancy until they are ready.

I certainly think Will wants to tell Sonny and needs his support in this, but he's going to be pressured and manipulated by Nick not to do so. Will has been trying to do the right thing since day one, and making a bad decision with so much pressure on him is not ruinous for the character at all. Meanwhile, Sonny knows about Gabi's part in the kidnapping/explosion. He's going to see her differently, and it is going to make for a dramatic situation when he does find out the truth.

I also think they are going to start going very dark with Nick. All of a sudden I don't see Nick and Gabi as a rootable romance, but rather a potentially abusive relationship. His freak out on her when he thought the baby was Chad's combined with his sudden controlling nature when he discovered it was Will came off quite creepy. I'd bet money the endgame will be Wilson raising the baby.
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