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Nov 29 2012, 10:51 AM
I forgot one of my big current complaints. Part of the problem with the ejsamirafe stuff is how this show is writing a business story. EJ and Sami sitting in her office with him slouched in his chair is not a compelling boss/employee story. It's not even a story. It's barely even a setting. And they've yet to give us any reason to believe Sami is the slightest bit good at this job other than her telling us she is. We knew now about
Countess W when it was just Kate. People were even talking about using the products a year ago. Now, nothing.
I was thinking something similar yesterday when EJ is waiting for Sami to start the deadline project. Since when did Kristen have time to develop and put her heart and soul into a product that she passes on in the 11th hour for EJ to complete?

At least on YR they have other people working and wandering around to give the vibe that its actually a business. If they were on a deadline the place should have been bustling. There was nothing in those scenes that implied anyone was on a deadline.

Instead of telling me how good at Sami's job she is they could have shown us by having Rafe barge in, Sami excusing herself from a chaotic workroom uncomfortably, deal with her situation and then return to apologize and jumping back in, thus becoming the leader she professes herself to be.

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