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@six: Yes, Daniel is distancing himself from Jennifer, but only because after he told her he still loved her, she didn't reply in kind. He was expecting her to admit to her feelings when he visited her in her office, and he told Maggie later he was disappointed that Jennifer only wanted to tell him about the clinical trial.

A big problem here is we are getting next to nothing from Jennifer. We're being told by others that she's in mourning, that she still loves Jack. But Jennifer herself never says anything. She doesn't even say, "Yes, you're right." We get silence. When Maggie chided Jennifer for feeling guilty because she can't tell Daniel she loves him, Jennifer didn't say anything. She will neither confirm nor deny. What she does say is that all her stalkerish, obsessive actions are about friendship and about helping Dan when she couldn't help her husband. We're left to conclude that she's either lying or she's delusional. Neither option is very appealing.

Neither the writing nor MR's acting choices is giving us any indication of real depth of feeling on Jennifer's part. It's all too vague and superficial.

ETA: @JtSmarts: Yes, I agree, this is by far the worst storyline on the show. The more the writers force it on us, the lower they become in my esteem (which was pretty low to begin with).
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