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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Nov 29 2012, 09:16 AM
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Love the nickname too, but it just makes me think how glad I am that Nicole was already pregnant when she screwed with Daniel. I really couldn't stomach the thought of Dr. Orange Glow SpermSlut knocking up Nicole with her miracle child...... I just hope they never have sex again. Say no to Dacole!

Nicole at Dan's apartment for a heartfelt apology.... or was it pimping? Hard to tell the way TomSell write.
And when will Dan apologise to Nicole for screwing her when she was a patient and then dumping her without a second thought?
Never. Daniel can do no wrong. Him and Jennifer are so perfectly perfect. :sarcasm: :flipoff:
Again Days missed an opportunity for a good story. Nicole in her grief of losing her child instead of focusing on Jen, should have focused on Daniel and blamed him for having sex with her knowing she was high risk. Maybe what caused her baby to die should have been pinned on motion or distress that may have been caused by intercourse during pregnancy. That was a legit way for maybe Ej to then set his sights on Dan and sue him for wrongful death of the baby. Kayla would then have a lengthy investigation and he would go up in a panel review that would revoke his medical license...he's fired from the hospital and written off to go back to surfing in CA>
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