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Nov 29 2012, 01:39 PM
Nov 29 2012, 01:24 PM
Nov 29 2012, 12:49 PM
It might have been better if they treated the Dan/Jen reunion more like you do a bandaid, just rip that sucker off. Two weeks and done, not like 15 weeks of nonsense with a fairly obvious conclusion.
Actually I like your approach. I would have preferred it over this long drawn out version.
Bringing Dannifer up to supercouple status takes a lot of time and effort. I think we are in for the long haul. The push and pull being showed & shoved down our throats is inevitable. The fact that they aren't sexing it up is suppose to be meaningful. TPTB want Dan to prevail, so until they change their mind on this, I think Dannifer is her to stay....
Daniel and Jennifer will never NEVER be a supercouple. They cannot hold a candle to Days' real supercouples, one of which is J & J. They have no substance, no chemistry and no story without a 3rd party. I don't care about the writers. That SOD poll should be a wake up call to them about their precious Dannifer. Jack & Jen were the real thing. Jack had a legitamite reason to push Jennifer away. Daniel pushes her away because his shaky hands didn't get cured? His shaky hands didn't stop him from boinking other women. And then the minute Jack dies he's suddenly in love with Jen again? Please. Jack pushed Jen away but he never stopped loving her. Daniel's gone from loving Jen, to loving Nicole to loving Jennifer again in less than a year. That's not a supercouple. That's not even love. The only person Daniel truly loves is himself.
The harder TIIC push, the more the audience pushes back. The more they shove Dannifer down viewers' throats, the more viewers gag and try to retch this couple back up like the rancid crap they are. And it's ironic because if T&W had backed off on trying to sell Daniel as the premier leading man on the show, the successor to Tom Horton's medical legacy, Jack's romantic replacement, and the BESTEST GUY EVAH, they might not have had such a violent, visceral anti-Dannifer reaction--not this soon, anyway.

As it is, they're beating the audience over the head with all these plot contrivances designed to show how Dannifer are MEANT TO BE. And instead of falling in line like good little sheep, a hefty portion of the audience is instead screaming "DO NOT WANT!" Even viewers who were pro-Dannifer the first time around are now saying, "No thanks."

The SOD poll should be a wake-up call that this pairing isn't working, no matter what T&W do. A smarter, less lazy, less egotistical writing team would cut their losses, send both characters in different directions, and not even try to re-pair them a third time. I'm not optimistic that T&W will see the light on their own, so I'm going to hope that someone above them realizes what a clusterfuck Dannifer 2.0 is and makes them pull the plug.

Something is very wrong when viewers are actually rooting for the Sweetheart of Salem to succumb to appendicitis. Or ridiculing her rather than sympathizing with her plight.
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