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Nov 29 2012, 12:49 PM
I am also one of those who shipped couples when they were being written as being in love. I went from Lumi to Bricole to Ejole and now am stuck with no real direction. I was never a fan of Ejami and I don't really care for Safe. But all these pairings (except Ejami) seemed to have something going for them. I believed in what the writers were telling me but then it all shot to hell in a basket. I am an ardent Nicole fan and I want her happy. I have wanted her happy since she took the 5 million $ instead of choosing Eric. Now these writers have destroyed Ejole and want me to invest in Ericole. I will wait and see. They have burnt me one too many times where she is concerned. Do I believe Eric is the true love of her life, hardly (dude's been gone for like a decade and so much has changed) but I will see where this goes.
Great post and I agree. I think Ericole have a connection, since they were each other's first loves, and now they seem to be going back to each other, but I don't think they're meant to be. Nicole has NEVER loved a man the way she loved EJ. And I don't buy that EJ even loves Sami. He's using her because he can't have his true love-Nicole.
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