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Will may be going along with Nick and Gabi raising this baby to begin with, but I just don't see it lasting long. We are going to be seeing lots of angst from him because he just won't be able to let go that easily. He had a problem with the abortion...he thought it was a mistake after he thought about it long enough. He will think about this as well and know that it is not the right thing. He will want to be a part of this baby's life. I can see it now....he'll probably act jealous towards Nick and Sonny is going to start to wonder what the deal is. Maybe he'll think that Will is jealous because he still has feelings for Gabi or something. I could easily see that happening...of course that will just feed into the whole "Will isn't really gay" thing that a lot of people keep saying, which I don't buy for one second. Will is going through a hell of a lot right now. He made a stupid mistake and now he's going to be a dad. That doesn't mean he doesn't love Sonny. I love my husband dearly....but there IS a difference between the love you have for your significant other and the love you have for your child. I can see why this is weighing on him so much. I say cut the kid some slack.
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