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Nov 29 2012, 02:41 PM
Nov 29 2012, 12:57 PM
Nov 29 2012, 11:42 AM
I also think they are going to start going very dark with Nick. All of a sudden I don't see Nick and Gabi as a rootable romance, but rather a potentially abusive relationship. His freak out on her when he thought the baby was Chad's combined with his sudden controlling nature when he discovered it was Will came off quite creepy. I'd bet money the endgame will be Wilson raising the baby.
Personally, I think that they've been going "dark" with Nick since the moment that he practically forced Gabi to say "I love you" to him.

As for the endgame being Will and Sonny raising the baby together, I agree; that's what I've been saying all along, and I see no reason to suspect otherwise yet. I also think that the second half of this storyline will be more focused on Sonny than the first half.
If it weren't for the Hernandez fetish TomSell have, I'd say Gabi's days are numbered. Let's not forget the fate of Stacy Morasco, and she was a far, far more entertaining character played by a better actress, and she died to serve a Kish - Gigi custody battle (which was shorted, sadly FU ABC). But it seems like a natural place for Nick and Gabi to turn into an ugly relationship (him even killing her, sadly) and Wilson fighting for custody.
I was actually thinking that Gabi would die during labor. The truth would come out that Will was the baby's father, and Wilson would try to raise the baby together. But then Rafe would sue for custody of the baby because Rafe blamed Will for Gabi's death for some reason. (Maybe Will and Gabi were having an argument, and Gabi went into premature labor.)

There would be a big court battle, and the baby would go missing right before the judge announced the custody decision. Several different people would be accused of stealing the baby, but it would turn out that Nick was the baby thief. Then Chelsea would come to Salem and convince Nick to return the baby. Wilson would get custody of the child, and Rafe would leave town because he was pissed that Sami had supported Will during the custody battle....Of course, that's my dream storyline, so I'm sure it'll never happen! :frustration:
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