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Nov 29 2012, 03:15 PM
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Nov 29 2012, 12:57 PM

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If it weren't for the Hernandez fetish TomSell have, I'd say Gabi's days are numbered. Let's not forget the fate of Stacy Morasco, and she was a far, far more entertaining character played by a better actress, and she died to serve a Kish - Gigi custody battle (which was shorted, sadly FU ABC). But it seems like a natural place for Nick and Gabi to turn into an ugly relationship (him even killing her, sadly) and Wilson fighting for custody.
I actually think that Gabi will die (or be sent to jail) at the end of this storyline. They have to get her and Nick out of the way somehow, so that Will and Sonny can raise the baby together. (Insert obvious "this is only speculation at this point" disclaimers here.) The two most obvious ways to do that would be to kill her off or send her (and Nick) to jail.

As for Tomlin and Whitesell's supposed Hernandez fetish, I see people mention that all the time, but unless I'm mistaken, Arianna was killed off during Whitesell's last stint as head writer.
I doubt Gabi will be out of the picture if only for the fact that she is one of two women in the younger set. If she leaves/is killed off the only woman left would be Abby.
I agree. I actually see Will and Gabi raising this baby as co-parents. If Sonny chooses to stay with Will, he will be the third parent in the child's life. But I don't see Will taking the baby away from Gabi for any reason other than if she dies. That's the only way I see that happening. And so far there is no indication that Gabi will die so I have no reason to assume that Wabi won't be raising their baby together. WilSon should be able to raise a baby with the mother still being in that child's life. If they are not capable of doing so, something is wrong with them, lol. Just like any other couple where the guy gets his ex pregnant and must deal with the consequences, I don't see this situation being any different. Wishing Gabi away just because she is inconvenient to someone's favorite couple makes me laugh especially when the couple is gay. Gabi should not be a threat. Ultimately, Will is going to raise his baby. Gabi is going to raise her baby and Sonny will have to deal and help out if that's what he wants. With or without Sonny, Will and Gabi are going to raise their baby.
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