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Viewing Single Post From: Best and Worst of 2012
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Nov 29 2012, 01:35 PM
bty...can we add Chloe/Kevin- Gloria/Jeff's wedding to the WORST pyle?
While we're at it let's also add:
1. Angelina/ Kevin "running" storyline
2. Phyllis' Pregnant
3. Sharon DOING Grandpa Newman
4. The EVER SO STUPID Hit-&-Run
5. Dr. Tim Reid
6. Ricky getting killed
7. Heather's return
8. Cricket's return
9. Danny's return
10. YoHo coming to GC
11. NEVER exploring Ronan's relationship with his mother
12. RONAN'S Return
13. Mr. Magoo (Adam) "SAVING" his mother's farm
14. Sharon getting out of prison just to be an ASS-KISSER to the man RESPONSIBLE for her spending a year there (Victor)
15. Jackass being shot...AGAIN
16. Nick being Pussy-whipped
17. Avery...PERIOD
18. The Summer's family (ugh!) secret
19. Angelo (not sure if I'm spelling it right) Mob story
20. Cane's whole FUCKED-UP FAMILY (minus Colin)
21. Bringing Cane's sorry-ass to life
22. Sophia CHEATING on Malcolm
23. Sophia being so fuckin' sprung off of 1 lay (Neil)
24. Not hitting Devon with a moving Big Rig
25. Eden being a baby whore
26. No one clocking that hoe (Eden) up side the head to help her remember
27. Who checked Daisy out of Fairview?
28. Summer's trust fund
29. Billy being Punked-Down (staying in closets) by Victor
30. Victor keeping Delia from her dad
31. Not using Sarge
Daisy getting out of prison, finding an apartment, getting custody of Lucy and having social workers on call when Phyllis tried to take Lucy.
Carmine and Abby kidnapping storyline.
BON storyline
Victor lost in LA
Nicki marrying Jack
#1 worst story from the Y&R Diane murder mystery with over eight suspects and it ends in self defense???????
Every storyline that involved Cane
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