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Nov 29 2012, 03:33 PM
I agree. I actually see Will and Gabi raising this baby as co-parents. If Sonny chooses to stay with Will, he will be the third parent in the child's life. But I don't see Will taking the baby away from Gabi for any reason other than if she dies. That's the only way I see that happening. And so far there is no indication that Gabi will die so I have no reason to assume that Wabi won't be raising their baby together. WilSon should be able to raise a baby with the mother still being in that child's life. If they are not capable of doing so, something is wrong with them, lol. Just like any other couple where the guy gets his ex pregnant and must deal with the consequences, I don't see this situation being any different. Wishing Gabi away just because she is inconvenient to someone's favorite couple makes me laugh especially when the couple is gay. Gabi should not be a threat. Ultimately, Will is going to raise his baby. Gabi is going to raise her baby and Sonny will have to deal and help out if that's what he wants. With or without Sonny, Will and Gabi are going to raise their baby.
I can only speak for myself, but just to be clear, I'm not wishing Gabi away because I think that her existence is some sort of threat to Will and Sonny's future, or that they are incapable of raising the child together unless she's out of the picture. I simply feel that the storyline is clearly headed in that direction, but as I said before, it's only speculation at this point. I could be wrong, and if I am, that's fine.
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