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Nov 29 2012, 01:14 PM
I guess it would have been easier to accept if Will treated Gabi like total crap when she told him she was pregnant instead? Can't have him showing compassion or caring about her wellbeing and the wellbeing of his child because that must mean he's not gay. That's interesting, lol. Can't a young guy make mistakes and learn along the way without his sexuality coming into question?
I could side with your viewpoint here except all of the mistakes Will is making and has made here are tied to his sexuality and his self-esteem. Gabi is pregnant because Lucas shamed Will about his sexuality and masculinity after Will thought he has been passed over in favor of a guy who was more securely and proudly gay than he was. It's not like Will and Gabi were downing tequila shooters and playing a game of Truth or Dare that got out of hand. That's not to mention Will's lack of clarity regarding his ill-conceived marriage proposal to a straight woman or his seeming abdication of his parental rights/involvement because Nick doesn't want the gays involved with his girlfriend. Then there's Will's reluctance to tell Sonny apparently out of fear of not being gay enough. I'd say Will's sexuality and the questioning of it permeate this story.

It doesn't help when CM is playing Will as being too compassionate and interested in Gabi to the extent that some viewers are questioning Will's sexuality as well. Will would never adopt the misogynistic behavior described above; but he also shouldn't come across as caring more for Gabi than for Sonny. It's an extremely fine line to differentiate concern for Gabi and concern for the baby at this point; and viewers will have different expectations for how Will should act and react now. Maybe things will be a little more clear cut by the time of the wedding.
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