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What’s coming up for Eric?
There’s a lot of great things on the forefront. Right now we’re in the beginning chapter of where we’re going and what’s to come. It’s kind of reconnecting dots and relationships and supporting and being a good listener for the people who need it right now. In the early stages we’ve been talking more about others, but there have also been a lot of questions about why I have this collar. It’s the last thing anyone would have expected. So there’s also been something that Eric has been kind of dealing with and going through in his own life. It’s been difficult. We’re going to start seeing what happened with him during the twelve years he was gone; where he went and why he made the choices that he did and who’s been in front of him or behind him in his life. I think we’re about to understand a little more about the person he’s become.

There seems to be some lead up to something with Nicole. What can you tell us about that?
Everybody just kind of like…the thing about Ari and I is that there’s been so much in the past that had been created and it’s like creating a new history in itself. The past is the past. It’s like making a classic movie again. You don’t touch something that’s been great. So I think with all due respect to what’s been created then and how much change and transition people have gone through…when someone comes back in your life and you cross paths again, what’s that like? How do you respond? You run into your ex and there’s like new feelings and new awkwardness. We’ve been kind of charting that area, and still try to let someone know that you’re there for them and are a comfort. Then finishing each other’s thoughts and it’s like wow that spark is there or we still have that magic or it isn’t there. Then you start questioning where it’s going to go. She’s really a true talent, and she’s exciting and is a joy to work with, so we’re really enjoying the process of building this direction and where its going. And that’s about it.

About a year and a half ago you tweeted that you had met with Days but weren’t going to take the job. What happened back then?
There was an opportunity after leaving General Hospital, and I kind of felt like a budding flower just kind of out in the world and expanding and spreading my wings. Trying to take up personal challenges. The timing wasn’t appropriate and the character…I just didn’t feel like there was any great challenge to me in that period that I hadn’t already been doing. If there was something on the table I wanted to really have a big impact and get something that would stick to me. Like the drug story on GH was something that was really hard and deep rooted and serious stuff and I could deal with that. The great thing about this is when they came around with Eric, I thought it was going to be the same thing as before, but they said the twist is that you’re going to be a priest. And it completely caught me off guard in a good way. It was unexpected. I put a lot of thought into, and I thought it would really be the opposite of what anyone would expect. And at the same time, you would never expect me to be a priest. There’s great challenges with that. It’s out of my comfort zone. I have no experience or training whatsoever with anything like this, so there were a lot of elements in place for why I thought this would be great. I also came into it with numerous other people. Because of the importance of the character, everybody from NBC and Days and Corday was involved. It was like we’ve got to make this one work. It was very important, and I saw that. And Arianne even told me how important this role was to her; the history, but also she was so passionate about creating something. That kind reinvigorated my interest. So they called and offered the job, and I made the right choice.

Around the same time we got the news that you’d been cast as Eric we heard that you’d been cast in a TV movie with Alison Sweeney as your love interest. We know you’re actors and that it comes with the territory, but was it weird to switch from a romantic dynamic to a sibling dynamic?
No. You know, it was funny how it all came about. I was testing for the show, and a week later I got a call and was offered a role, and I said great. I started the next day, so I didn’t really know what was going on, who it was with. I hadn’t even gotten to dive into the script enough yet to connect the dots. And then I found out it was Alison, and I was like “how ironic is this?” We just really focused our pure attention on the project because we both knew what was coming down the line later. There’s a time to be professional and there’s a time to laugh about it and goof around. When it came to doing the movie we really connected on a different level than we do now. It’s like night and day. There’s definitely going to be an interesting development for the movie point of view and for the TV view.

You have said that when you took the role of Eric, you got a call from Jensen Ackles. Does it feel like you’re taking over his part or is Eric more your own?
He’s in a new place now definitely. My conversation with Jensen is we’re good friends. We grew up ten minutes from each other. I knew him when he was on the show. I think I was doing Charmed at the time. He’s a tremendously talented, gifted actor who’s doing really well, and this character was near and dear to his heart. It’s his whole foundation of where he is today. He was not only excited to hear that they were bringing the character back, but knowing that it was someone he knew that was going to be doing it. He just gave me a good congratulations and wished me the best. He said he was going to tune in. It was great to get support from him, and we still hang out when we can.

Is there something coming up that you’re especially excited about?
Every day is an unexplored moment for me. The writers are hired to do what they do, and I’m hired to do what I do. I kind of let surprises happen for myself. I don’t dive into quickly because I like it to be raw and romantic and let things kind of happen within itself. I don’t know what’s in the forefront. I don’t know what’s coming. We shoot pretty far ahead, but I do know that a lot more opening doors of Eric is going to come into play, and I think a lot more of a relationship basis with the family. I think there’s a lot of deep-rooted issues with some that need to be worked out.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
It’s been fun, and I hope everyone is enjoying.
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