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Nov 29 2012, 03:45 PM
Nov 29 2012, 03:34 PM
So are we to believe that Sonny can't do basic mathematics??? Hello!!! Everyone who can add and subtract will know that Nick was still in prison when this baby was conceived! :hmmph:
Does anybody besides Gabi, Will, Nick, and her doctor really know how far along she is? Until she really starts to show, I don't find it completely unbelievable that some may believe that Gabi is only a month or so along and that Nick is the father at this point.
Sonny will figure out that the baby isn't Nick's eventually, unless Gabi manages to pass it off as premature (which is possible but unlikely). But I think the paternity will be revealed long before it's clear that the baby is several months "premature" or that Gabi is implausibly huge. But remember, Sonny doesn't know Will slept with Gabi or when exactly Gabi and Nick first had sex. He has no reason to suspect Will is the father, so it's not like he has any reason to pay close, close attention to the math of Gabi's pregnancy.

But I think that's moot. Will's going to crack sooner rather than later. My guess is that it's all coming out at the wedding.

And yeah, Gabi's days could be numbered.
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