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Nov 29 2012, 09:50 AM
Nov 29 2012, 09:03 AM
Without Will in his life. I highly doubt Sonny is going to get a new SL of his own. Getting a new boyfriend for Sonny screams backburn to me. Sonny is going to have to stick this out Will. I hope that he can show Will the errors of his ways. Since Wilson have had little obstacle and agnst other than themselves and that caused by family members unapproval of their being together, I still thnk that the WABI baby will make for a good SL. Honestly I can see why Will is scared to tell the truth, young and naive, he doesn't want to lose all the good things in his life.
I absolutely agree about Sonny. Just because he also comes from a core family doesn't mean crap on this show. As it is, I don't see him getting a story of his own outside of Will. Will is treated the same way his mom is, stories center around him and whoever plays his love interest is a supporting character to him and the drama in his life. Without Will, I also see Sonny in the backburner. Not that it's going to stop his fans for wishing better for him but still, I see it as completely unrealistic based on past experience with this show, lol. Sonny can either work it out with Will and stay in his life which means airtime and storyline or he can tell Will to get lost when the shit hits the fan which only means one thing: Will continues to have story with a possible new love interest while Sonny is nowhere to be seen running the coffee house offscreen with an occasional appearance here and there.
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