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Nov 29 2012, 04:28 PM
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Nov 29 2012, 01:46 AM

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It will probably be Sonny who ends up getting hurt as he is the expendable one here. Then Will can devote all of his time to Gabi and the baby. Plus, the show can then focus exclusively on a simple Will/Gabi/Nick heterosexual triangle since these hacks have no idea how to write gay characters or relationships.
I've never gotten the impression that the writers consider Sonny/Freddie Smith to be "expendable". Regardless of how some fans might feel about Sonny's lack of airtime/major storylines, he's still one half of one of the most popular couples that Days has had in a LONG time.

In any case, "hurt" does not have to mean "dead", so no one necessarily has to be "expendable". I do think it's going to be Gabi who gets hurt, though. We did recently see pictures of Camila Banus in a hospital gown, remember.
Was the hospital gown scene from when she was going to have the abortion? I don't think that Will is straight and I think he does love and want to be with Sonny but he is trying to do the right thing. He thinks marrying her and trying to comfort her is what she needs and he is sacrificing what he wants for her and the baby. You saw how happy he was before Gabi showed up at Sonny's door and how after he was deflated and insecure again. He needs to tell the truth and I believe he is going to be the one to stop the wedding and tell the truth and Sonny/Chad will be the one to tell the truth about Mel. He is telling Sonny he wants to tell him but he can't because he promise Gabie but Will this is your baby too and you should be able to tell who he needs to tell. I don't get why they are listening to Nik anyway. They are adults and yes Sonny will be hurt but I think he should still tell him, Nik knows so why can't Sonny.
Deidre Hall debuted her makeup line that she was advertising in that picture with Gabi about a month ago. The abortion scenes would have been taped before that time. So, the picture is most likely a scene that has not aired yet.
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