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Gap 1998
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Excluding a rewriting of a character, the Will who came out under MarDar would not have regressed to faux heterosexuality to make himself feel like more of a man. He'd have schemed and won his way with Sonny, not ignored EVERY SINGLE POSITIVE THING he'd done and accomplished in 2012.

NOW when the baby news comes out, who isn't going to feel like a fool supporting this loser with his claims of homosexuality? Lucas will probably feel vindicated in thinking Will was rushing into these "decisions"~ and rightly so. Nick is rushing things because he already knows Will "chose" to be "gay", so he's worried Will will try to take Gabi back as his lover and life partner, leaving Nick out in the cold.

Lying to Sonny continues to show how much more he values Gabi over Sonny.
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