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Nov 29 2012, 12:27 PM
Nov 29 2012, 10:40 AM

After a day on set of being "punished"- I may actually have welts- Xmas tree lighting ceremony could be healing... pic.twitter.com/oCcTyn3y


Rise and shine. Up at the crack of dawn to go in to work. #lovemylife #bestjobever #happygirl #6am (: http://instagr.am/p/SnfJLeMqAc/
Sounds like the writers are finally making some kind of attempt to address some of Daniel's many shortcomings. This will air in March. Last March, the writers tried to fix him by "resting" him. This March, they'll try to "punish" him. It will probably be the same kind of lame token effort as before and then they can get back to what they love, which is pimping him every day. The "rest" was about three weeks. I doubt the "punishment" will last three days.

Maybe both Kate and Nancy let him have it for the way he dumped Chloe and Parker (and didn't check into the DNA tests more). But that would only scratch the surface when addressing his many flaws.

If they're really going to do right by Daniel, they should put him on trial, if not in a state court, then before a medical board. And a prosecutor should parade all the many women patients one by one into the courtroom and have them testify (willingly, as in the case of some, and unwillingly as in the case of Jennifer or Nicole) about the pattern of abuses and ethical violations he's committed over the years. Then he should be banned from medical practice and go broke paying damages. That would begin to administer adequate "punishment."

Meanwhile, I hope Shawn C. has a good time at the Christmas tree lighting. :)

I sometimes wonder what these actors actually think of their characters. I really wonder with SC and Daniel.
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