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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Still putting my thoughts together on this epi. Somehow you have to see it to get the real feel and meaning of what is going with between in scenes on the show today. TomSell has cranked up the emotional roller coaster so to speak and there so much more to see than be heard.

Hard to explain, so I'll try:
1. Brady's ease drop on Kristen's awesome confession to the father. ED is really rocking in her role. She is quickly becoming my favorite actress on DAYS. TomSell spent all of time to get this one right, no rushing here. --- EM is trying hard with his facial expressions he listens in on the confession. He tries.... that's all I am gonna say
2. After Lovemaking... Will's mind is clearly elsewhere & he is purposely ignoring Sonny, Will is playing a video game. Gotta the feeling TPTB are playing Will to seem immature compared to Sonny who is old and wise..... I stil see Sonny as Gay.... And with Will..... I think CM might just have to try a little harder in his performance.
3. Dannifer -Gob-Smack all over the damn screen... 1st time I saw an attempted 'layer' in from SC's performance, not that I care.
4. Dannifer handholding and all smiles again.... picking up where theyleft off last December
5. Jennifer eaves dropping on Caroline's apology to Dan. Was overtly obvious and intended as such
6. Free beer for Dr. Dan...... as she brings by 2 large pints. Dan is off on a call and Jennifer sips her beer.
7. New word to describe Dr. Dan GENEROUS... Said at least twice,.....then again I tried not to count them. Where do they come up with these things. Dan deserving happiness? Jen better make his dreams come true..... otherwise Salemites are going to hate her.
8. Call it odd, but I don't think I've ever seen Jennifer drink a glass of beer, oh yeah, this is the new Jennifer Rose.... I temperarily forgot. Somehow I think if Jennifer was played by a different actress... Dannifer just might work out.
9. Chad's imitationof being drunk.... fence sitting on his performance.....if Will didn't mention it, I'm not sure that I would have noticed. lol!
10. Eric is hiding something.... wonder what it is....Another man with a painful past..... not sure I'm ready for this.
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