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Viewing Single Post From: Friday, November 30th Daily Discussion

Dannifer - Lame as always

Bristen is okay I guess. I think - and hope - that Kristen knew that Brady was listening and this is part of her plan.

Nice that there's an affectionate WilSon scene.

BUT why have Will even tell Sonny that he is keeping a secret? Will: I love you, but I can't tell you a secret about my ex-girlfriend.
I'd kick my man out the door if he said he loved me for the first time and then said he had secret with an ex, or even just a friend, that he couldn't share with me. In other words Will is saying 'I love you, but I don't trust you and have to keep my allegiance to someone else'.
I just wish WilSon could've shared their first 'I love you's' without that bit of conversation thrown into that particular moment/scene.

Chad is a douche. Why is he being so rude to Will when he has no reason to be mad at him? And if Chad really hates Gabi and wants to get revenge, why doesn't he just tell Will, who's supposed to be his best friend, about what Gabi did?

I get there needs to be a build up to the dramatic reveal or whatever, but some of the character actions just don't make sense.

Nick is a jerk & is being manipulative. Am I supposed to feel sympathetic for Gabi because she's being controlled by Nick, is having a baby with her gay ex boyfriend that she didn't want, and is getting victimized by Chad? Because I don't.

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